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Upholstered Furniture

Upholstered furniture offers lot of cushions with foam and it is always enclosed in fabric or leather. The material makes a significant difference to the visual identity of the product and while the interior elements may not be visible, they make a big difference to the comfort and ergonomics of the pieces .

Upholstered Furniture


There are many kinds of upholstered furniture and these are single sofa, double sofa or triple seater sofas, living room chairs, couches, dining chairs, lazy chairs and many more.

The Benefits

For one, softness. Upholstery adds a lovely visual softness to any room. Whether it's your bed or your sofa, the cushioned fabric gives off a warm and cozy vibe, practically begging you to snuggle in.

The comfort factor is major. If you're big on watching TV, reading or sitting up and chatting in bed before you go to sleep or when you first wake up, the upholstered headboard is a must, providing that extra cushion so you don't need to create a makeshift headboard out of extra pillows.

Upholstered is unmatched in versatility. This benefit is our personal favorite - upholstered furniture is incredibly and easily, customizable on multiple different dimensions: shape, color and fabric.


Made from High Density Foam Fabrics and designed in Japan.


Manufactured with pressured-proven sponge


Kosmax Luxurious Floor Chair


The best-selling seat in Japan

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